Pay for public goods without taxes

I understand that public goods are a necessity that benefit lots of people, but I disagree that they cannot be paid for without forcing money from the working man’s bank account. Money spent for a library that he may never enter.

Government bonds are one alternative. A bond is a loan that a capitalist voluntarily gives the government with some expectation of a future return. A government might use the loan to build a sewage treatment plant which has operating expenses as well as revenue collected from utility bills. In the long term, the treatment plant can make a profit which the government uses to repay the bond, plus interest.

This is an example of the beauty of free-market cooperation. There are no victims.

If bonds cannot pay for a public good, then that good must be unprofitable.

How can you justify theft to pay for an unprofitable venture? This is akin to saying, “well, my company is unprofitable, guess my employees will have to work for free”.

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