The rich aren’t the problem. Thieves are.

Let’s talk for a moment about what wealth actually is.

If I have a dollar (that I didn’t steal) then it means that I have provided a dollar’s worth of value into the economy. In return, I was given a dollar to redeem that value I added at a letter date.

If I spend a dollar, then I am extracting a dollar’s worth of value out of the economy.

If I have enormous wealth, then I have done the economy a great service by providing tons of value and taking very little, comparatively.

By taxing the rich, there is a perverse incentive for entrepreneurs to provide value to the economy.

There are many many ways to legally steal money from other people today (taxes are just one example). Therefore, not every rich person has provided value to society proportional to his wealth.

I’m arguing that instead of attacking rich people, we instead attack the methods and loopholes that thieves use to become rich.

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