Things bought with tax money cost more

There is no free lunch.

You pay for everything one way or another, whether through taxes or from your wallet.

You are wrong when you think that taxes are “a small price” for the benefit they add to society. The price is no smaller than you would pay in a free market, in fact it’s probably much larger given how inefficient government is at providing these services.

On that note, toll roads exist, as do private libraries and they are often better than the public ones. Roads could also be financed through advertising — allowing a non-toll option.

National defense is less about protecting Americans and more about fighting “terrorism” by using their enormous budget to spy on Americans and blow up civilians in “shithole” countries.

I will concede that a minimal amount of taxation could be justified for basic defense, but that is only needed because the government has a monopoly on violence. It would take another essay to explain myself here, and right now, we’re just talking about taxes.

Taxation encourages lazy thinking in building models for funding public goods. Roads, for example, already have lots of advertising but that money goes to the people who own the billboard, a more creative model would give that money to the one who built the road. Then roads could be profitable and potentially funded by bonds.

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