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Unique Kickiz is a sneaker reseller who specializes in sourcing the most unique styles.
Fast4ward is an automotive brand that sells GoPro mounts as well as filming services. The similar characters for the F and 4, assures that they can do both well.
A regal penguin to represent a wedding film business. The penguin is actually made of the letters E S W, spelling Emmanuel’s initials.
Shroomly’s mission is to demystify the world of medicinal mushrooms. The Shroomly “S” shows how serious they take their fungi.
Nuve media server logo
“Nuve” means “cloud” in Spanish. A home-brew media server.
Payvr is a blockchain company creating a new funding model for artistic projects.
Bart Logo
BART stands for Berea Analytics & Reporting Tool. The floating square represents a gleaned nugget of wisdom.