• Visualization


    Timeline: Dec 2021 – Aug 2022 I used: react, redux, nivo charts I worked on the UI for the Visualize tool at 3C Institute. This tool is included in 3C’s SaaS suite and it designed to make it simple to visualize and generate PDFs using data collected by the system. When viewing data, the “Visualize”…

  • WrapStat


    Timeline: March 2019 – Sept. 2023 I used: React, Redux, Nivo Charts, SCSS, GraphQL The WrapStat application allows school administrators to create, deploy, track, and report surveys given to students and caretakers. While 3C Institute is a SASS company offering basic data collection and reporting functionality as part of their core product, the WrapStat project…

  • NLP App

    NLP App

    Completed:  Feb 2019 I used: React, Redux, redux-saga, react-router, JWT auth, Webpack, SASS, npm, REST API, Charts.js This NLP app helps you research market sentiment around topics and companies. I designed and developed a front-end app to interface with a back-end API that performed Natural Language Processing (NLP) on news and websites. Consuming data should be…