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I eat donuts, I drink La Croix, I wear Hawaiian shirts, and I’m a designer.

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There’s some voice in my head that always says, “that could look better”. Through working with organizations and starting my own brands, I’ve come to realize that design is more than just making things look better. Design is a vital part of building a brand that people trust. Good design makes information easy to understand and digest so people are more likely to be educated and stick around.

I do web design. I love the web as a medium for expression. It allows me to explore all aspects of design from UX and animations to typography and graphics. It also tickles that part of me that likes to feel like a hacker and write code (I have a computer science degree after all).

I speak business. Imagine how great it would be if your designer knew the difference between net profit and gross profit. Yeah, that’s me. Seriously though, I’ve been in the business of business since I was 10 years old selling farm fresh eggs for $2 a dozen. Since then, I’ve had a few side hustles and even pitched a blockchain startup to investors. My business know-how ensures that I can focus my efforts as a designer to maximize your profits.

When I’m not building things or working on projects, I’m adventuring on my bike or reading a book. Yes, an actual book.

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