Completed:  Feb 2019

I used: React, Redux, redux-saga, react-router, JWT auth, Webpack, SASS, npm, REST API, Charts.js

This NLP app helps you research market sentiment around topics and companies. I designed and developed a front-end app to interface with a back-end API that performed Natural Language Processing (NLP) on news and websites.

Consuming data should be intuitive and visually appealing. A user should instantly get the most important information and be able to drill deeper into the details.

Clicking an article shows the detailed view with sentiment calculated on a per-sentence level. Here’s a positive article about Apple, Inc:

This app has full user-authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) complete with a settings menu. Here the user can set their email digest schedule:

I also added skeletal animations to the components as they are loading to create a cohesive UX during API requests.

This project taught me how to think at scale in React. I worked closely with a back-end developer to design the API models and kept in sync using git. After this project, I feel confident building any professional-grade app using React and can’t wait to explore more advanced features of the framework.