• Full-Stack Development

I want to have some experience working on every part of the software/web production cycle. Currently, I know front-end the best. I go in with very little experience working with databases, server-side programming, and GET/POST requests. Some of these seemingly basic concepts I have yet to understand at all. In 10 weeks not only will I have the knowledge, but the confidence to walk into any project with ease.

  • Tech Startup Culture

If there’s anything my recent work life has taught me, it that I cannot function in a corporate environment. At first, this made me depressed. I thought that the field I was so passionate about was going to lead me to a cubicle fixing a meaningless bug in 10 million lines of outdated code. Not that I fear a challenge, but I prefer to see results of my work and know that what I do is worth doing. I will learn from this internship how I can perform my best. It will also allow me to peer into the workings of a small tech company.

  • Sharpen Design Talent

Even if I never get to touch CSS, I want to learn some design practices. This applies equally to back end. I’m curious to see how a professional firm handles database design and coding practices. Most of Punchmark’s clients are jewelers, naturally their clients’ websites are designed to showcase a product as well as a brand. I would love to do front-end all day: front-end is where I am comfortable. However, when I’m comfortable, I’m not growing. When I’m not growing, I’m dying.

I’m super tired. It’s nearly 11pm. Couldn’t sleep last night from anticipation. Good night!

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