Day 3: Wyoming

I woke up to a dull pain in my upper back. The others woke for other reasons. We packed up, took our showers at the campground facilities, and hit the road stopping immediately for breakfast at McDonald’s and to refuel.

Packing up our Nebraska campsite

We aimed for Salt Lake City, Utah by the end of the day. Along the way, got to experience the super-flat Nebraska landscape.

The clouds looked sureal

The first plateu I’ve ever seen

One of our stops for gas had this amazing roadside attraction:

Gift shop and mini museum

Behind the museum – A replication of a pioneer dirt house

Right beside the museum

The Lasso Espresso had free WiFi. Needless to say, we stayed there for a bit and enjoyed some coffee bevereges. Afterwards we stopped at a nearby Walmart to pick up firewood, ice, and a IcyHot patch for my back which had not relented aching.

Guillermo shopped for campgrounds while we sped along the highway to Wyoming.

Wind turbines!

Oil pump!

Soon after crossing the Wyoming border, we began seeing some wild looking mountains that attracted our attention after several hundred miles of Nebraska’s flatlands. Then we drove by this guy:

Soon thereafter our GPS instruted us to “Turn left” and we discovered that our campground was at the base of this mountain! It kept getting better the closer we got to teh campground. The terrein here was wild to us and it begged to be explored. We picked our campsite and set up. A tree had recently been cut down and chopped into firewood nearby. We enjoyed our first campfire and finally used our groceries that we’ve been hauling since Missouri.

Our nearest neighbors

View from our site

Making our first fire

Road Trip Meal #1

“Camp Oh Yea!” (Campoya)

Ingredients: 2 eggs, peperjack cheese, baby sausage links, salt

Instructions: Make an omlette using ingredients.

Campoya is served

Road Trip Innovation #1

“Holding Bread”

Pan handle too hot? Use a slice of bread to hold the handle.

Figure 1

Noticing the clear and stary sky, we paused for a moment to watch the stars. Finially, we stowed away in our tents for an extra chilly night.

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