I’m going on my second week working at a Punchmark, a small web development company. It’s clear that this team knows how to get s*** done. Here are four ways to keep your team on track.


This is key. Communication with the entire team should always be a click away. Punchmark uses Skype for IMs, video calls, and sharing screenshots and files. The team has created three Skype groups for organization. One group is for developers, one for everyone, and one just for sharing what each person accomplished each day. Using Skype groups as channels for discussion keeps communication focused and searchable. Plus the ability to transfer files and make video calls is a huge bonus.

Ticket System

Punchmark has its own ticketing management system for logging, tracking, and archiving issues and feature requests. Maintaining an active ticket system is a great way to monitor progress as well as get measurable results.

Weekly Meetings

Once a week, the team meets to discuss “big picture” goals and progress. During this time anyone can bring up anything concerning the company or work for the team to discuss.


I love Google Keep. I can create notes and checklists then share them with others. I use checklists for everything on the job. It keeps me on task by limiting my focus to a single item. When I finish the task, I get a sense of accomplishment by checking the item off. Checklists are not enforced by Punchmark but I find that I get value from having them and I am noticeably more productive.

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