It’s easy to say that the most important thing that Punchmark does is build websites, but I’m not convinced.

Punchmark sells website packages and services to jewelers. They engineered a framework in PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript that allows them to build custom, modular, dynamic websites for their clients. Punchmark also has many tools and widgets available to clients that are targeted specifically for jewelers.

Punchmark is currently on their fifth iteration of their proprietary framework. The framework is the value behind Punchmark. It’s their product. It’s what is constantly being improved, fixed, and marketed. It’s what the founders spent 8+ years perfecting.

Punchmark’s revenue come from one-time payments starting at $3500 for a website designer package. They offer paid subscription services like their also proprietary SiteManager and email marketing solutions coming in at $30/mo and $80/mo, respectively.

The most important thing that Punchmark does now is acquire new customers. After 5 revisions of their framework, most of their code is solid and doesn’t need tons of extra work. New features are in the works, but that’s what they hired me for. Therefore, adding new features cannot be that mission critical. It’s what I hear Ross and Dan (two of Punchmark’s founders) talking about all the time. They are going to trade shows, calling and following up with interested potential customers, and marketing products to existing customers.

Punchmark currently has five employees (including the founders) and one intern. My first day Ross told me, “We are a small web design company, but we are expanding.” I believe him.

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