API Master

Let’s talk about what I’ve been doing. What I’ve contributed to Punchmark and what I’ve learned.

This summer I’ve gotten to work with several popular APIs including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Yelp, and Google for Merchants. Each API has its own nuances and methods for data retrieval. I learned how to use these platforms and integrate them into a commercial system.

The modern web is built on APIs. If your app doesn’t integrate with existing platforms, you’re missing out on useful value propositions and potential customers. Even adding a simple “Sign up with Google” option on to your app will lower the barrier to entry and result in more conversions.

I also found the value in the modular integration of APIs since they can change at any time. As Ross explained to me, when he and his brother originally implemented the API’s, they were more concerned with getting them to work as quickly as possible and less worried about sustainable code use. Much of my work with APIs has been about upgrading to newer API versions. Along the way, I tried to eliminate duplicate code and create object-oriented classes to ease future transitions.

Since most of the API’s that make up Punchmark’s system have been altered by me, I’ve sort of become the resident “API” master. I get the questions, clean up the mess, and report all the progress when it comes to anything API related.

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