Work Style

Many of the posts I’ve written about this internship are about observations I’ve made concerning my work style. I’d say I’ve finally gathered enough observations about my work style to make a conclusion.


I like to work autonomously. Give me a goal and I’ll make it happen. I’ve found that I prefer to receive some feedback along the way. This keeps me confident that I’m not wasting time and that I’m showing good progress.


I like to have a plan. I try to start every day with an idea of what specific things I want to have done before lunch and what I can do after lunch. The idea is to have a good mental model of what a successful day should look like. That way I have the entire day to fulfill that model.


I’m not sure about how I like to communicate. This internship has helped me really focus on written communication in the form of emails and quick IM chats. I’ve enjoyed the ease of use and speed of IM. I’ve gotten better at summarizing details and making clear “asks” in every message. However, I have not practiced oral communication at all in this internship. Therefore, I’m still not certain how I get the most value from communication.

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