If Money Were No Object

It’s common knowledge that Computer Science is a lucrative field. Or at least, that’s what I’ve gathered whenever I tell someone what my major is. Lately, I’ve begun to see the demand for as well as the payout that programmers, developers, and the like can expect. This got me thinking. Am I doing all of this just for the money? I’ve given it some serious thought.

I imagined what I would do in a world where money was no object. I would travel. I would create. Maybe an artist, maybe a writer, perhaps even a musician. My passion lies in making.

Then I thought about what I like to do in my free time. Learn. Read. Explore. Create. Grow. I jump from hobby to hobby. I’m constantly juggling side projects. More often than not, I’m messing about with some new aspect of Linux I’ve discovered or trying to understand something technical and abstract.

I believe that computer science offers everything I crave. I can continuously explore new methods and learn something new while creating and problem-solving. There are also many fields and specializations that I can jump to when I get bored.

Unfortunately, money is a thing. However, I think I’ve lucked out. I can tolerate doing something I enjoy to afford to do the things I love. The limiting factor is time. How much time will I devote to working vs. living?

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