What’s Changed

I just want to preface this with something. I finished this entire post then accidentally copied over it in the command line. Yay! So if this one seems brief or lackluster, that’s because it’s late, I’m annoyed. So yeah.

The internship is nearing its end. Let’s talk about what’s changed with me.

I no longer feel like I need to practice developing professionalism or career development. I’m doing pretty good in that department and I feel like I’ve devoted the better part of two years to that and enough is enough.

I’ve seen the importance of doing something that you enjoy. I also have realized that most of what I know about my field are web development and design. I’m making a point to explore my field a bit more just to be sure I’m not missing anything super fun.

Preliminary reading: I know what I want to be– a CEO.

It amazed me all the roles and skills that the owners of Punchmark had to fill. Granted there are three of them to divide up the work. But take Ross for instance. Every day he takes calls, sells products and services, markets the company, plans future events, brainstorms ideas. All the while, he writes code and designs. He’s a marketer. He’s a brand ambassador. He’s a developer. He’s a designer. He’s a CEO. And he’s never bored.

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