Me the Web Dev

I started learning web development out of necessity. A year ago, my friend, David, asked me to help design a website he was contracted to do for the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (a program we had both been a part of). He noticed my design eye and also the fact that I was beginning to launch my website/blog using Bootstrap.

That summer I taught myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap. I came through on my designs for the site and the rest is history. Fast forward a year and I’m a paid intern for a web development company.

I like the web. It’s everywhere. It’s accessible. It’s visual.

I get the most satisfaction from programming when I can see results. In web design, It’s like using a secret language to control a digital paintbrush. In development, it’s more about basic problem solving. That’s how I see it. I like them both.

Web development is the only field that I’ve been able to apply my computer science knowledge to make money. When developing a full web app, I get to touch a lot of code and design a lot of interactions and views.

Something I’ve learned this summer is that I’m most dissatisfied when I’m bored or when I feel like my time is being wasted. I never get bored with web development.

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